Thursday, March 19, 2009

My First Rant...

This is my first rant and rave I am posting to my blog. So here goes…… Having been a divorced dad and forced to bear the psychological scarlet letter of being cursed with the wrong sexual organ by the judicial system I have a new perspective to add to divorced life. Just a little over three years ago I filed a motion to modify custody because it became grossly apparent that things with my children’s mother had reached critical mass. Their mother was on the outs with her 2nd marriage to the father of her 5th child and found herself in the arms of a child molesting pedophile.

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Anonymous said...

May I ask what county and state this happened in? My husband and I are in a custody battle for his 3 children and I would like to know what we are up against!


DadsDivorceKC said...

This took place in Jackson County in Kansas City, MO.

Gregory H. Bontrager said...

Protection from abuse orders were put in place to address a serious problem. Unfortunately, they have become a tool used by dishonest attorneys or vengeful spouses to extort money or seek revenge on hapless spouses.

By the thousands, Kansans are labeled "abusers" by those who have a vested interest in misrepresenting the truth. Unscrupulous attorneys shamelessly manipulate protection from abuse rules for financial gain while masquerading under the color of law.

Even more disturbing is that our judiciary will stand idly by as false claims of abuse are taken at face value. With a wink and a nod, the reputations of Kansans are being destroyed in a quasi-legal process with standards akin to the Salem witch hunts.

Why is this disgrace allowed to continue? Because most legislators are attorneys, guaranteeing themselves continued profits at the expense of honest folks in what has become a corrupt money making scam called "divorce."



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