Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Do You Need A Divorce Lawyer To Represent You?

With marriage breakups happening every day, finding a reliable and competent divorce lawyer ready to take on a case isn't always easy. Ideally a divorce attorney should be spending half their time dealing with divorce cases and preferably one who is a good mediator. Still, you also need to feel at ease with them; someone who immediately instills a sense of trust.

Adversarial attorneys will use the hammer to crack a walnut approach which often happens when these cases go to court whereas an attorney who specializes in mediation will take a much calmer approach. To save time when you contact your divorce lawyer, keep conversations brief and to the point, which can be achieved by preparing what you need from them in advance.

Whether you intend to see them or speak on the phone, write everything down as this is the most efficient way to utilize your legal representative and keep a record of dates and times you spoke with them. As all costs relating to law and legal advice are costly, try not to visit them at the office unless absolutely necessary; this can be achieved by using the phone or mail.

Your attorney is there for advice and any foreseeable legal actions so do not rely on them for anything but what you are paying them for, and especially not as a shoulder to cry on. When you talk to a divorce lawyer, stick to the facts and don't complain about things your spouse did unless you actually want your lawyer to do something about.

Being in control of your own case and your own life is the single best thing you can do, so it is essential that you have a lawyer who can work on that basis. You are employing them for their experience but at the same time you need them to understand that it is your divorce and you want to make the decisions about how it is too proceed. You will need to instruct them to forward any information they have received to you and you expect a prompt reply to any issue you may raise.

There are instances when you may not actually need direct legal representation but may just wish to use the services of a lawyer for advice on legal aspects like a marital settlement. For someone taking this route, it is only important that you approach a lawyer to have certain aspects explained once you have carried out you own research. It is not uncommon for people to draw up their own marital settlements with the help of a divorce lawyer who is familiar with the case.

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